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This and That

I have all kinds of “this and that” to share with you as we head into April here. I’m in the author spotlight on the website by another author LC Helms, and it was great to do an interview with her. Within this article is a lot of the “whys” about why I’m doing what I do. Whew, did you follow that sentence? Check out the interview and share it on your social if you can!

Speaking of sharing- anytime you can share about my books with your circle of people – including on social, that makes a big difference! There are reader sites that allow “readers” to share about a book they just read, but not authors. I would love it if you would post a pic of Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy) or Being Dorothy (In a world longing for home) as a book you enjoyed and would recommend people to read. Nothing is better than word of mouth. Of course, getting a nice review on Amazon means volumes too!

What am I up to in writing? I’m working hard on Being Alice (In a world lost in the looking glass). I’m a “pantser” writer, meaning I don’t always have a plan, or everything worked out before I write. I think that sounds lovely if that works for you, but for me, it doesn’t. I write and those characters just take me where they want to go, which is something I don’t think anyone quite has the right word for, but it’s definitely a thing. I’m still hoping for a fall release, with an earlier release of the cover.

Are you a part of Piper's Island Peeps, my private Facebook group? Join us! I don't post a ton, but I do try to put new book news there first.

I for one am glad winter is behind us for the most part. This was a doozy just because of everything we have all been through. Even though we are still being safe in a multitude of ways, hope is on the horizon and shining brighter every day.

Book Clubs! I've been able to do some Facetime and Zooms into book clubs and it's been a blast. Consider my books for your club, coffee group, or Bible study - and yes, I'd love to join you via one of those platforms.

As things open up more later this year into next, I am ready to get out and speak and sign books and all the good stuff. Please consider me for your "speaker" needs. And yes, contact your local library and ask them to get our books. That's often how they can get in, because you made a call or email. See the power you have? Woooo Hoooo!

I wish each and every one of you a blessed Easter as we celebrate the Risen Savior! Thank you for anything and everything you do to Fuel Faith with Fiction by spreading the news about my books. You make a big difference and you are appreciated!



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