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Voice Pro

Doing pro voice work since I played records as a DJ, I couldn’t begin to count the voice projects I’ve done over the years! I do wish I had kept count, because it would be a high number, and fun to know.

“Michele is a delight to work with. She’s got an excellent voice, is a terrific actor, and you can tell by the weight and quality of her voice that she has real soul. She takes direction like the professional she is, and delivered a very professional recording. Would love to work with her again.” -Rick, Vibrant Penquin Los Angeles, CA


My strengths as a V/O Pro? Versatility, in-depth experience, and authenticity. From everyday Mom or Grandma to hard-hitting political points; I deliver.


I’ve done a wide range of work from many heartfelt V/O’s for fundraising, empathy for causes, hospitals, projects tugging the heart strings, to answering the call from the creators of Angry Birds to do the voice for Granny Crood for the Nintendo game version.


Comedy! Do you need snarky, funny, accents? I can do that. Also: On-hold, TV and Radio Commercials including political and local to national brands, Podcasts, Radio promos, TV promos, Museum and Cruise Ship v/o’s, Documentary’s, Films, Training Pieces, Whew! And more!


For :30 and under or Wild Tracks, I work out of my home studio.

Explore my demos which cover national ads, political ads, regional ads, on-hold, and Radio/TV tracking,

Overall demo

Michele Olson.mp3

National Ads

Quaker Cookies.mp3
Netgear Blitz.mp3
Terry Naturally Curamin.mp3

Political Ads

Al Jaeger.mp3
Political Female.mp3
Power Anchorage.mp3

Regional Ads

Aurora Baycare.mp3
Gate City Bank.mp3
Mo Nurse.mp3
Century Oaks.mp3
HFM Reminder.mp3


Illinois Audio.mp3

Radio/TV Station Tracking

Avenue Promo Sunday.mp3

For in-person sessions, or longer form with editing needs-I use a fantastic studio in my area with an ace editor, and very reasonable!


Enjoy my samples and let me know how I can be involved in your next voice project!


● Reasonable
● Versatile
● Fast
● Takes Direction Well

● Ability to “Read the Room”
● Flexible
●Soft to Forceful

For voice pro work, email

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