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They Won and Holidays

The winners of the prizes for the Being Alice launch were announced in my newsletter! You do know that only newsletter people get these big chances, and hear things first right? You don't? Well, let's fix that! Sign up for my newsletter right now. I only send it one or two times a month, and it's short. :) And, when you sign up, you can download a page of artwork to have fun with.

What's next? The holidays are coming! Please seriously consider gifting Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy), Being Dorothy (In a world longing for home), and Being Alice (In a world lost in the looking glass) to your friends and family. If you send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, I'll send you personalized signed stickers for inside the book and the sticker for the outside that says: Autographed by Author.

Perfect stocking stuffer? (It fits right in!) 5 Easy Steps to a Happy Birthday! These 5 steps are started well before a birthday so they make a perfect Christmas/Holiday/New Year gift. I can also send signed stickers for these books too.

Send me an email if you get at least 3 of my paperback books from now until the end of the year, and I'll send the stickers along with a handmade luggage tag/bookmark of my artwork. I'll pick one out for you...(sample of what they're like below) :)

Signed books are a great gift...unique!

All my books are also available as eBooks and easily giftable off the Amazon site. Anyone with a smartphone can download the Kindle app on their phone or iPad and download the books. Easy peasy, and also a great, very affordable gift!

Enjoy the leaves this time of year if that's part of where you live. I love fall in Wisconsin.

Any questions? You can always email me at and make sure we're connected at and my private page, where you always learn things "first".

Blessings to all and congrats to the winners!


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