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The Story of PigPen Creations

Here's a funny #throwbackThursday story that should give you a big giggle! We all need those, right?

It was the 1980's (you can tell by the obligatory perm I'm sporting), and my sister and I were looking for ways to make money while raising small children...that didn't involve the typical 9 to 5. Both being creative, and crazy, we came up with PigPen Creations. The premise: we were so busy making things to sell and raising kids, our homes turned into pigpens. My sister, Mina was into creating the country look pieces, on wood and paper. My husband Ray make the small Amish type benches with a heart in them. I made a few things too, but my role was to go around and do the a Tupperware party. The big difference? I wore a pig snout, a pig apron, and did a little comedy bit at the beginning with pig jokes! (Ha!) We played a few pig games and then it was time for the, usually ladies at the party, to buy some things. Guess what? It was successful!

At first, we took orders and that was a nightmare. We might hear "That blue on the angel wasn't exactly the blue I thought"... (come one people!) So, we switched to cash and carry. Pick out something and take it home with you that night, no orders.

It was a hit! We did it for a while, and even thought it would have been a fun franchise. Then we started to burn out doing it all and realized, we had to stop. Our brains and bodies were fried...something young Moms know about.

I'll always have fond memories of all that went into our marketing idea, well

before the internet, or cell phones.

By chance, did you ever go to one of my Pigpen Creation parties?

That's the Pigpen story. One of the many very funny stories I could tell you about jobs I've had. I'll probably tell more on this blog.

My sister went on to have a very successful pin line and then card line before she passed 13 years ago. I still miss her and our crazy ideas every day.

Now, I write books, do voicework, do art and live doodling and remember. I've

had a funny life. What have been some of your jobs that make you giggle?

Check out my books if you get a minute! They are on Amazon and any

bookstore can get them by request. They are stories filled with mystery, mayhem, mirth, and miracles.

I think Pigpen Creations will end up in the story one of these novels.



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