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Welcome! I'm so glad we're connecting! 

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Book 4

Being Wendy 

(In a world afraid to grow up)

It's her 50th Birthday party, but Wendy doesn't trust anyone at her party after what's been happening. Find out how she gets to Mackinac Island and meets Piper Penn, and how her life is about to become something completely different. The ending will floor you! FREE in KU, eBooks on Amazon and Paperbacks available everywhere upon request! 


Book 3

Being Alice

(In a world lost in the looking glass)  Find out how a woman with a disfigured face ends up being the music tech for a rockstar at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in 1981. Mystery, romance, friendship, and faith.  Plus! Hear the music from the book!

 Free in KU, as an eBook, and

paperbacks, everywhere!

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Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy)  Book one

Meet Piper Penn and find out how she ends up on Mackinac Island in 1979 while they are filming Somewhere in Time - a story filled with mystery, romance, friendship, faith, and a quirky I Love Lucy loving nun!

-available FREE in KU, in ebook, paperback, and new audiobook! (iTunes and Nook, Amazon

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Listen to Being Ethel -a preview-and you can get it on Apple

Books Here!

Book 2

Being Dorothy 

(In a world longing for home)

Free in Kindle Unlimited, and as an ebook and paperback. 

The sequel, another Mackinac Island story!

Follow Piper Penn as she meets a new couple, but are they who they appear to be? Think James Bond!


5 Easy Steps to a Happy Birthday! 
Now free in Kindle Unlimited or as an ebook here. 

Or here for the paperback:

or wherever you like to get your books! 


Being Ethel

(In a world that loves Lucy)

Book 1 


Being Dorothy 

(In a world longing for home)

Book 2

Ebook versions are at Amazon and

Free on Kindle Unlimited

Being Alice (In a world lost in the looking glass)

Being Wendy (In a world afraid to grow up) 

all books -Free in KU, available as ebooks, and as paperbacks.

Being Ethel is also an Audiobook! Listen to chapter one

on Sound Cloud.


Paperbacks for all books are available everywhere. Get my books online to benefit your local bookstore through

Non-fiction- great for yourself or as a gift free in Kindle Unlimited or as an ebook here. 

In paperback click the link below!

5 Easy Steps to a Happy Birthday! or wherever you like to get your books!

Want an autographed copy and a signed bookmark? Contact me directly at




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