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Want a free signed bookmark and pic?

Let’s play! A movie filmed on Mackinac Island called This Time for Keeps is showing on Turner Classic Movies 4-27

. (Tape it if you can! ) I talk about the movie in my novel Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy) I want to send 5 people a signed book mark and a picture of the Round Island lighthouse on the front of my book. To play me the answers to these questions .. DON’T POST ANSWERS HERE - you can find the answers in Chapter 6 or listen to the sample for free here on Scribd which also has the answers! Email me the answers at I’ll draw 5 winners from a hat May 1st. Tell your friends!

Q 1 What movie is mentioned right before This Time for Keeps?

Q 2 What are the names of the couple Piper Penn is talking to?

Don’t answer here but email me and go to for more fun things in the future! (Only For USA participants)

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