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Stuck but Growing

Oh, how our lives have changed with this virus! I hope you are staying healthy, and my prayers go out to anyone who has it, or has loved ones going through this. There's so much to be scared about, but there's also so much to learn! This is such a unique event, I want to be aware of all the things I can find out during this time. That's better than dwelling on how this can drive one crazy!

It has changed my book plans, cancelling signings on Mackinac Island for now until we see what happens, and my signing at the local Barnes & Noble. It's even hard to make plans about the book, except for letting people know it's a great treat to arrive on your door step.

If you're wondering why I wrote Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy), I tell the story in this guest blog which you can see here. I hope you enjoy it!

Hang in there. Do all the stuff they are telling us to do! My prayers are with you all. I look forward to the days ahead when I can meet you and sign your books!

Blessings to you all!

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