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Book 3 - a peek!

Happy Almost Valentine's Day - What's New!

It's a long, cold winter, to be sure, but yet, when it comes to writing- time is flying by!

I received multiple requests for book club questions to go along with Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy) and Being Dorothy (In a world longing for home). I meant to get these done much sooner, but it was always put on the back now, they are done!

If you would like these questions emailed to you for self-reflection, or to have for a book club/Bible study meeting etc., shoot me an email, I'd be happy to email them to you. They are springboards for you to use and add more of your own questions because you know the purpose and personality of your group. I'm also available to Facetime into clubs if you have questions for me.

I took most of January off when it comes to writing the next book in the Mackinac Island series - Being Alice (In a world lost in the looking glass), but now, I'm in deep in the story. Here's the "blurb" which I hope you will enjoy.

1981 has not been Alice Merveille’s cup of tea.

Abruptly pushed into a contract by her scheming uncle, Alice has no choice but to sign on as the guitar and drum tech for world-renowned recording artist J.D. Grayling. Heading for the summer gig at the notorious Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, it isn’t her musical ability that consumes her with fear.

Horrified at the idea of J.D., his band, and visitors to the Grand seeing her mangled face from the accident which took her self-esteem, Alice plans to stay in the shadows. Knowing she can never fit in; her worries are enhanced when band members one-by-one mysteriously become too ill to perform.

She wonders if the world is going mad, or if the truths she is learning from her new friends at the island’s Creative Lilac shop can change the pain she feels from her past. Can Alice survive the summer working for the singer-songwriter she has idolized for years or is she once again headed down a rabbit hole of disappointment and betrayal?

So, what do you think? It's another journey to Mackinac Island with Piper Penn and a new cast of characters!

We are Fueling Faith with Fiction, so anything you can do to get the word out is much appreciated. Please leave kind thoughts (if you agree) on sites like Amazon for all my books, that helps me be found. It's all about algorithms and things I don't understand, but it does matter. :) Please take a moment and call or email your local library and ask them to get my books...I am set up to have that available in the usual ways they get books, including the audiobook for Being Ethel.

Did you know you can gift someone my books? I have people doing that and then contacting me to get signed stickers to include in the gift. I'm happy to send you those, just contact me. (

You can also "gift" books directly off of Amazon by filling in the persons name for mailing and keeping yourself for the billing, or gifting them an ebook. It's a great idea just to brighten someone's day in this long winter, too. Who doesn't want a summertime journey to Mackinac Island right about now? Any questions or confusion...I'm happy to help.

I'm also listed now on where you can order books that benefit area bookstores with a portion of the profits - another way to get the books. They are also available at the Island bookstore on Mackinac Island online too, if you like to support their bookstore. Barnes & Noble, Target online, WalMart...tons of places...they are available!

So you can see, it's been busy. I pray each of you are staying warm, healthy, and keeping it together in these trying times, and they are trying! The inability to go many places is very odd. It's almost a year since I ate out at a restaurant, but we survive. :)

Please interact on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram...there are links to all my sites on my website - It's fun when something is posted to hear from you!

Also! There are some reader/author dedicated sites where they allow you to post pics and talk about books you like - please talk about my books if you have found them entertaining and useful. That's a big help to find those new readers, always the hardest part for an author.

We just have to get through this crazy winter and then the leaves will blossom again and bring back some bright hope. Oh, a walk in sunshine with green grass, can you just imagine it once again? I can't wait. (Some of you have probably been to, or live in warm places and are already experiencing green and sunshine, I'm happy for you, it's so nourishing!)

I leave you with this good word from The Good News - the ultimate love story - the Bible. From I Corinthians 15:58 - With all this going for us, my dear, dear friends, stand your ground. And don’t hold back. Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for him is a waste of time or effort.

I appreciate your prayers as I write and Fuel Faith with Fiction! xxxxoooo


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