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Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy) is a hit!

I'm having so much fun hearing your feedback about Mackinac Island, Lucy and Ethel, and the characters in the story. Many of you feel as though you are back visiting and others now want to go and have a Mackinac Island experience in person! I hope you do.

Please keep telling your friends about the book on social media. Over 6,000 books are posted online every day, so getting new people to know about a book is no easy task. There's no better endorsement than you telling your friends to get the book. Then you can see if either of you saw any of the twists coming, and possibly plan a trip to the island together!

I will be signing my book on Mackinac Island on Mother's Day weekend, so if you are there, please come and see me. I'd love to meet you.

Meanwhile, Being Dorothy (In a world longing for home) is in the works, the next book in the series, and it's going to be a doozy! I'm excited to share that story later this year. But first, I'm putting out a non-fiction, fun gift book called "5 Easy Steps to a Happy Birthday". I've met so many people who have blah or unremarkable birthdays that I had to write a little gift type book to give people five steps to have a fantastic birthday as an adult every single year. More news on that coming very soon.

Thanks for all the encouragement and love for Being Ethel, I wouldn't be here without all of you! Blessings!

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