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Being Dorothy Cover Oct. 8th

Almost time to reveal the cover of Being Dorothy (In a world longing for home) , the sequel to Being Ethel. It should be available late November! With a James Bond feel, and still continuing the story of Piper Penn, I think you will find it a fun and rewarding read. Remember, you can read the first chapter in the back of Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy).

Meet Jeanette. I haven't ever met her, but I'm thrilled she is taking a virtual visit to Mackinac Island through my novel. I reached out to local assisted living/nursing homes to see if they would like a complimentary copy. The residents are so sequestered right now. They were thrilled and sent this pic. Consider getting a copy and taking it to a nursing home/assisted living in your area. Or, how about getting a copy for your church library. Another way to help? Ask your local library to bring the book in, available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook. Many times that is what it takes to bring it in - a request. Every post you make online about the book, anything you do, makes a big difference in letting people know it exists! Thanks for all you do and my next blog will have the cover! If you want to see the cover sooner, become a part of my private Facebook page

That's where my insider news lands first! Share this blog and thanks for being a part of my journey!


Michele Olson

P.S. If you would like a signed sticker for your book, or as a gift to a friend, let me know at

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